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The author of a provincial hymn will receive 500 000 roubles

Samartsy should choose a definitive variant of the main song of area

Chorus of the Samara pedagogical university accompanied by a symphonic orchestra under the direction of Michael ShCherbakova has executed the hymn first in the history to our area. More correctly, sounded three hymns - the finalist which from 46 - ti possible variants were chosen by the strict commission.

- if we will fulfil still, I simply here will lay down, - the main conductor Scherbak`s Michael speaks. Musicians rehearsed execution of hymns four days, and wrote down more than two hours.

employees of the Ministry of culture and the youth policy of area will dispatch an important sound recording on local radio stations and TV channels, and also to professionals from musical high schools, schools and schools. What of three hymns becomes a province symbol, investigators will solve.

organizers long kept Names of hymnographers Leonid Vahmjanina and Oleg Bychkova, Mark Levjanta and Michael Korablina, Alexander Mironov a secret. And it can be understood: the winner not only will become history of native land, but also will receive the award in a half-million of roubles. The second award will make 150 thousand, and the third - 50 thousand. How to divide these sums, the composer and the poet will solve.

till December, 16th each inhabitant of province can vote for the pleasant hymn by phone (846 333 - 77 - 13.