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When the winter will come to Samara?

at warm autumn on Volga and hurricanes in America - the general reasons

- Take a fur coat, the girl! And that will wake up in the morning: behind a window the winter, and nothing to put on, - the seller of outer clothing persuades in the market.

for winter with impatience waits not only the nature. From market dealers almost do not buy headdresses. Sale of warm felt insoles for footwear has stopped. Here really, while the thunder will not burst, to be exact snow will not drop out...

- when the first time has become cold, people have rushed to us, on neskolku steam of insoles took. And as it was established warmly, nobody approaches. Really all were already warmed? - The affable grandmother - the seller is surprised.

there is less than clientele at washermen of cars - in a city now chilly and purely.

and here at sellers of sunflower seeds the season. To dealers the whole turns are built. Hands do not freeze, and it is possible to eat sunflower seeds and in the street.

But provident babuli have already prepared frosty assortment: have taken out on a market pickles, tomatoes, cabbage, have exposed seasoning a spark .

weather forecasters

Promise And weather forecasters on - former do not promise this week frosts, a snowfall.

- within the next few days a plentiful snow pall it is not expected, - has informed the correspondent Kulagin`s Anna, the chief of department of weather forecasts. - it is possible, there will be only separate snowflakes. The daily average temperature till the end of days off will be about 0 degrees. In the afternoon - from 0 to +1 - 4 degrees. In the evening the temperature can fall to - 6.

National forecasts

National meteorologist Vasily Borisov waits the present winter with a snow coverlet and frosts from November, 26th till December, 4th. Instead of autumn peculiar to our corners of the world explains global warming and the burnt out woods in Siberia, and also in America, Canada and Australia.

- there were no woods, and air exchange between the sea and a land was accelerated, - Vasily Vasilevich considers. - therefore also there are in America hurricanes, and at us - unusual autumn weather.

according to Vasily Borisova, during the period from December, 4th till January, 19th can become cold to - 20 and even - 30 degrees. But frosts will last on three - five days. Then warmer wave which will be replaced again by colds will come. And on Nikolu of the Flatterer and epiphany the temperature on some degrees will be below usual.

plentiful deposits the foreteller of weather expects on December, 12th, from December, 18 till December, 21st and 5 - on January, 7th. Therefore already now he warns gardeners about a rather poor crop next year. After all stocks of a moisture since the August are very poor. In advance it is necessary to see to it about a strawberry, it can pomerznut.

For now the majority samartsev rejoice warm and dry autumn. Old residents remember that the same November stood exactly 40 years ago, in 1965 - m. And here dry autumn 2003 was colder and windy.