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we Sit in cafe with the girlfriend. We discuss that we know about cars. She speaks to me:
- I am able to fill with gasoline and to change butter.
- it is healthy, I here only know, where gasoline to fill in, and as butter to change, no concept I have.
- Anja, same so is simple! You exhaust the car in service...

I go in a trolley bus, at a stop two grandmas get into it. One has sat down ahead, and another - on a back seat. Both with huge bags.
and on a back platform there is a Black. And the grandma, having seen it, shouts to the girlfriend:
- Zoe, go sjudy! Here the Black!
that with the trunks goes on a back platform. It is almost already cunning, here the Black turns to it and speaks:
- Zoe, do not hurry, I will go still for a long time.

we Come into a bar. The waitress approaches.
- Hà́ light beer.
- there is only a dark.
- then dark and a bleach.
brings beer and a vodka bottle.

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