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The woman to Adam has gone up in price

Wings plan for a new season

past Thursday the president Wings Alexander Baranovsky has sounded problems which will be put before the command in new year.

- to wings it is necessary to get to the UEFA zone. It is 4 - e, 5 - e or 6 - e a place - all depends on a rating of Russia, - Baranovsky has told.

besides, the president has noticed that it would be quite good to win and the Cup of Russia, victory in which, as it is known, will automatically allow to Wings to act in an UEFA Cup. According to Baranovsky, the club possesses today financial stability. So, it is possible to spend a new season adequately. Besides, Baranovsky has clearly let know that the budget Wings can be shortly increased. However, the concrete sums were not sounded yet.

a dynamo Does not release Kolodina

According to head coach Gadzhi Gadzhiev, in the nearest future the club will be engaged in active selection. Experts will go to foreign countries in search of new football bestowals. As to the football players who have left club, that, according to Baranovsky, hardly from them it will be possible to return someone back. The management " does not want to release Denis Kolodina; the Dynamo and Karjaka and Anjukov have already got accustomed in new clubs. It is the most easier to return Valve, but Gadzhi Gadzhiev considers that at first it is necessary to strengthen other positions which occupied Anjukov, Karjaka and Kolodin. The management already carries on negotiations concerning Florina Shoavy repayment ( Spartak ) and Women to Adam ( Moscow ) . By the way, on ganskogo the forward after success in Wings have sharply inflated the price.

- ourselves have created a problem, - Baranovsky has joked. - Gadzhi Gadzhiev could open the player, and now for it ask much more, than agreed in the beginning...

- it was necessary to stipulate in advance at rent the sum, - Gadzhiev has added. - for example, for defender Rafaela who played at us last year, asked 400 thousand. We have refused. The player has worked with us half a year and has returned in Lille . And when we were again converted into club with the offer to get Rafaela, from us have requested already 2 million.

Berkeuan does not want to play Wings

While a management Wings does not name football players whom the club intends to leave. It is known only that will not be exact in the command of Romanian Berkeuana (according to Gadzhiev, he wants to return in Donetsk the Miner ) And the football player from Uzbekistan Bahtijara Ashurmatova. On its position the head coach wants to see faster and strong player. Other applicants for a departure will receive last chance to prove the nuzhnost to Wings in a mast with the Dynamo . Probably, it concerns also Andrey Solomatina who, according to Gadzhiev, supposed in some matches nurseries errors. If to speak about youth at Shpakova, Skvernjuka and Bikmaeva remains chance to play in a basis. However, only in the event that they will sustain a competition to other football players.

cardinal changes and in a double Are expected. There will reshuffle all: both trainer`s structure, and football players.