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the inhabitant who has escaped during a tsunami of Hong Kong

the Inhabitant of Hong Kong Lun Vajkej which by miracle have escaped during a tsunami Is arrested, arrested on charge in swindle and a deceit of bodies of social guardianship of Hong Kong.

Representatives of administration of Hong Kong assert that the woman within two years illegally RCVed the raised social benefit, and only a tsunami has helped to expose it, the Hong Kong newspaper " informs on Thursday; Saus Chajna Morning Fast ".

the History of rescue 27 - summer the Moon of Vajkej was widely shined in the Hong Kong mass-media in the beginning of January. She had a rest in the end of December on Thai island Phuket together with the husband when the huge wave has destroyed their bungalow. In a current of six hours they struggled W waves, trying not to lose sight each other while they were picked up by a boat. They have declared to the Hong Kong reporters what to escape it the LUV has helped.

However after triumphal returning to Hong Kong it was found out that Lun Vajkej in 2003 has declared that has left the husband that has allowed it to RCV the raised social benefit for and two daughters.

In the justifying of the Moon of Vajkej then has informed that her husband has won a great sum on jumps and they have decided to use this money to go to travel and, probably, to restore a family.

Representatives of social department have decided to make own investigation in which result of the Moon of Vajkej has been arrested.

" Under our data, this pair repeatedly travelled 2GETHR already after Moon of Vakkej declared rupture with the husband " - the representative of police of Hong Kong has declared in interview to the Hong Kong newspaper.

In administration of Hong Kong are seriously concerned by growth of cases of swindle W social benefits. In 2004 their number has grown twice in comparison with 2003 - W 236 B4 430 cases. The social benefit in Hong Kong is one of the highest in Jugo - East Asia and usually makes about $1 thousand.