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the Next case of disease " the cow furiousness " in Japan

In Japan the fifteenth is fixed next, already, a case of disease of animals spongy entsefalopatitom (" the cow furiousness ") .

As the representative of administration of island Hokkaido Osamu Terada has informed on Thursday, disease was revealed at a cow delivered in the local veterinary CTR. Final outputs of analyses will be known in some days.

from contacts to the infected animals Japan has CFMed with the First case of death of the citizen on February, 4th. Under the statement of employees of Ministry of Health, it has caught human vantom " the cow furiousness " so-called illness of Krejttsfeldta - Jacob, having visited Great Britain.

Japan has imposed a ban for import of beef from the USA since December, 2003 when the first case of disease of the American animals spongy entsefalopatitom has been registered.

L8R Japan has taken photographs of restrictions on import of meat of animals by age till 20 MTH which as it is considered, cannot catch a dangerous virus. Thus two countries have not come till now 2 a common opinion ABT a way of definition of age of calfs.

Japan has decided to agree with the American side and to define age of animals on colour of meat and a skeleton structure, however in the statement made on February, 10th Minister of Agriculture Josinobu Simamura, is SPK that the government will remove an interdiction for import of the American veal only after the decision of the commission on security of foodstuff at the cabinet.