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Hamenei the Spiritual leader of Iran and the head of the state ajatolla Ali Hamenei has urged scientists of Iran to master nuclear technologies

has urged the Iranian scientists to master modern technologies, including nuclear.

" In the field of advanced sciences and technologies we should reach such level of development even more to fill prestige and worthiness of the Iranian nation " - Hamenei is SPK in the statement published on Thursday.

In its opinion, " the greatest achievement of Islamic Republic is prevention of decline of the country, and now the Iranian people has realised that can develop in various areas, including manufacture of dams, power stations, the military equipment and to master difficult nuclear technologies of a peaceful purpose ".

" Despite interdictions and embrago, imposed to Iran after Islamic revolution (1979), the Iranian scientist possible to reach technological development and now it is necessary to define new horizons in development of advanced technologies to reduce the period of scientific development of the country " - the head of the Iranian state has told.