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From - for a snowfall the airports of New York work W delays

As a result of a strong snowfall all four airports of New York work W delays of flights, the correspondent " passes; News ".

Now long delays are observed at two airports - the Kennedy Airport works W a three-hour delay of flights, airport La Guards - W four-hour.

Direct visibility in a city from - for begun a blizzard does not exceed 150 metres, the situation on roads has sharply worsened, speed of movement of cars in city centre has considerably decreased.

In some hours of a snowfall which has begun in second half of day, has dropped out B4 10 centimetres of snow. Weather forecasters predict that by midnight the situation will worsen also size of a snow pall will make in places B4 20 centimetres. After midnight it is expected that the snowfall a little umenshitsja, however snow will continue to go till morning of Friday.

City authorities are converted to all drivers W the request to refrain from the planned trips and to choose in case of need alternative ways of movement.