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the USA do not intend to apply force against Iran

the USA do not intend to apply force against Iran, but want to press on it through the UN Security Council. ABT it " News " the representative of high rank of the American administration upon termination of the summit in Bratislava has declared.

" There is no discussion of the military decision of this point in question, - he has assured. - but we intend to bring this attention to the question at Security council session to add a certain pressure ".

According to the interlocutor of agency, a position of the USA and Russia on the Iranian problematics for last two - three years have approached.

" We divide the same purpose - to interfere with reception of the nuclear weapon by Iran, but thus we have a few different views and estimations of the Iranian mode " - the representative of administration of the USA has explained.

SPK about a subject of the Near East which 2 was discussed at the summit Putin - Bush, he has specified that after Yasser Arafat`s death the development prospect has a little changed.

" There there is encouraging enough situation. It is important, as both Abu Mazen, and Ariel Sharon feel support of our countries, and also our European partners and allies " - the American representative has told.

Making comments on a situation round Syria, it has reminded that Russia has refrained from voting in UNSF under the resolution 1559, the concerning Syria, but nevertheless the resolution has come into force. " it should be respected and carried out, and Russia supports the USA on this concrete question " - the interlocutor of agency has underlined.

Thus he has underlined that " Syria should not interfere with forthcoming parliamentary elections in Lebanon which will take place in the spring ".