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Senator Lugar greeted arrangements of heads of the USA and Russia

the Chairman of senatorial committee on foreign affairs, the senator - republican Richard Lugar greeted arrangements of US presidents and Russia at the summit in Bratislava ABT intention of two countries to expand interaction within the limits of the program on safety nuclear matelov, known 2 as the program of Nanna - Lugara.

" it is Gud news and she underlines necessity of expansion of the program of Nanna - Lugara, and also elimination of the conditions entered by the congress and sertifitsirovany which earlier considerably slowed down program realisation " - it is SPK in the written statement of the senator extended in Washington.

" Despite all soars and falling in American - the Russian mutual relations since the termination " cold war " the program of Nanna - Lugara saved a constancy, and it has been AGN clearly shown 2DAY " - the chairman of senatorial committee has declared.

Lugar 2 greeted the agreement signed in Bratislava between the USA and Russia on struggle against distribution of the figurative is antiaircraft - rocket complexes.