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Negotiations on the status of Kosovo can begin in the middle of the year

Negotiations on status definition of Kosovo can already begin in the middle of 2005. Head of Mission of the United Nations of affairs of acting administration has declared it in Kosovo Seren Essen - Petersen, representing to councillors of Security the new report of the Secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan in New York.

" In May technical evaluation of a course of performance of the international standards will be spent. If it yields positive results the international community should be ready to start to the process conducting 2 negotiations in an occasion of the future status Kosovo " - the representative of the United Nations has told.

Essen - Petersen has noted successes in business of strengthening of an autonomy and edge self-management.

As he said, the new coalition government managed to reach certain progress in functioning of democratic institutes, maintenance of leadership of the law, a freedom of movement, returning of refugees and reintegratsii, economy development, protection of property rights, and also " dialogue W Belgrad ".

At the same time Seren Essen - Petersen considers that in Kosovo it is necessary to make still much, ESP in the field of restoration of economy and protection of the rights of minority.