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the Peoples Republic of China will start up private traders in monopolistically sectors of economy

China supposes the private capital in monopolistically sectors of economy.

As reports " CHzhungo sinvenvan " about it it is SPK in extended the day before the State Council of the Peoples Republic of China " Some positions ABT encouragement, support and development stimulation negosudarstvennogo economy ".

According to this document, private business is supposed for the first time in monopolistically sectors of economy: electric power industry, telecommunications, the railways, aircraft and oil sector.

" China intends to encourage competition development in electric power industry, telecommunications, railway and air transportation, oil sector " - it is SPK in Positions.

to not State capital access to the defensive industry and participation in scientifically - technical defensive workings out will be opened.

the document Countenanced by the government 2 encourages participation of the private capital in an education sphere, public health services, culture.

Now, reports, at private enterprises of the Peoples Republic of China it is made about one third of gross national product of the country. In this sector of economy it is occupied over 70 % of countrymen.

" Practice has CFMed that the accelerated development of individual and private sectors of economy contributes in country prosperity, increases receipts in the budget, reduces unemployment, has important strategic value 4 perfection of socialist market economy and creation of a prosperous society " - quotes agency of not named government officials.