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Peter Domenichi greets Bratislava arrangements

the Chairman of senatorial committee on power the senator - republican Peter Domenichi greeted declared on the summit in Bratislava arrangements between the USA and Russia in non-distribution sphere.

" I am glad that the president Bush and president Putin have achieved, as it is represented, certain progress concerning non-distribution " - it is SPK in the statement of the senator.

" I greet adherence to accelerate WRK on protection of nuclear arms and matelov, on strengthening of security measures on nuclear objects and development nizkoobogashchennogo uranium 4 research reactors " - it is underlined in the statement.

Domenichi 2 mentions a subject of cooperation of the USA and Russia on mixed oksidnomu to fuel 4 nuclear reactors (MOKS - fuel), expressing a regret that " the conclusions of the formal agreement on MOKS - to fuel have not occurred ".

" I understand that the USA will continue to co-operate W Russia within the limits of this perspective program, and I hope that use of the given technology is only a matter of time " - the senator has underlined.