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At embassy of Japan in Seoul there passes manifestation of protest

At embassy of Japan in Seoul again there passes manifestation of protest against the statement of the Japanese ambassador Tosijuki Takano who has declared claims of its country on islands Tokto, named in Japan archipelago Takesima.

" Takesima are Japanese territory " - the ambassador on a press - conferences in Seoul has told.

As Kiodo tsusin reports, on Thursday some tens protesting tried to get on territory of Japanese embassy, but have been stopped by police. B4 an input there was a fight of demonstrators W forces of law and order then the authorities have disposed to surround embassy on perimetre armoured cars and have sent additional groups of police.

On Friday demonstrators have come again 2 embassy. They hold slogans W an inscription: " We reject false statements of ambassador Takano! ". To get inside demonstrators yet do not undertake any attempts.

the Protest concerning statements of the ambassador, and also concerning brought in meeting of Japanese prefecture Takane of the draught resolution ABT establishment " Days Takesima " the North Korea has expressed also. In its statement Central telegafnogo agencies: " Islands Tokto are our integral territory, and statements of the Japanese representative only open intention of its country again to occupy Korea ".

Islands Takesima were under Japanese occupation W 1905 for 1945.