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the Judge has decided to stop a legal investigation " YUKOS " in the USA

the Federal judge on affairs ABT bankruptcy of the USA Letitsija Clark has made decision to stop a legal investigation " YUKOS " in the American court.

As the judge has declared, this business should be considered in such instance which would provide participation of the government of Russia, the broadcasting company of Si - Bi - Es passes.

" the Considerable part of business and financial activity " YUKOS " continues to take place in Russia. Such activity demands proceeding participation of the Russian government " - Clark is underlined in the decision of the judge.

According to the newspaper " Houston Kronikl " the judge has proved the decision that 4 demand consideration ABT bankruptcy " YUKOS " in the USA there are no bases in connection with insufficiency of operations of the company in the American territory.

" The debtor is not American, but the Russian company, and in scales of the Russian economy its actives are massive " - it is SPK in the decision of the judge. In the document it is underlined that actives " YUKOS " representing " mainly oil and gas underground, are literally the Russian earth ".

In the written decision which occupies more than 30 pages, judge Clark underlines 2 that courts in the USA in the practice of consideration of demands ABT bankruptcy never had to prosecute subjects of bankruptcy of so large foreign company earlier.

" Any of these precedents does not extend on corporation which takes so central place in national economy in which the corporation has been created " - Clark is underlined in the decision of the judge.

the Company " YUKOS " has brought an action the claim for affairs ABT bankruptcy in Houston in December, 2004. Thus " YUKOS " planned to prevent sale of the basic extracting active - the companies " Yuganskneftegaz ". However this claim has been challenged by Deutsche Bank Deutsshe Bank which has declared that business is in Russian court jurisdiction.

As representatives Deuts˝he Bank marked, business ABT bankruptcy " YUKOS " is dispute between the company and the Russian authorities, and the oil company was converted W the claim into the American court, achieving the decision favourable to.