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Territolnyj dispute of China and Japan already in a cyberspace

Territolnyj dispute between China and Japan has moved to a cyberspace.

As the newspaper " writes on Thursday; CHzhungo tsinnjan bao " a site non-governmental " Federations of China in protection of islands Djaojujdao " throughout last several days is exposed to attack of unknown hackers.

the Representative of Federation Li Nan has informed " News " that a source of attack to a site is Japan. " we managed to track a source of attacks and to establish IP - ADDY of unknown hackers " - he has told.

Attacks on a site have begun on February, 22nd. As a result of attacks the Federation site has repeatedly been urged to be closed 4 access. Leah Nan

has told that thanks to emergency measures and assistance from the computer companies on a site additional protection has been established.

On Friday in first half of day of attack proceeded it is unceasing, the representative of Federation has told.

Obshchestvenaja " Federation of China in protection of islands Djaojujdao " has been registered in the end of 2004 in Hong Kong. As organisation Tun Chzhen founder earlier has informed, the Federation intends to lease these islands 4 tourism and development development.

Islands Djaojujdao (the Japanese name - Senkaku) are located in East - the Chinese sea, nearby to a Japanese ridge of Rjukju. Both China, and Japan consider these islands own. Constant naslenija on strovah does not exist.

In 1988 on island forces of Japanese right parties had been constructed a beacon. In February, 2005 the Japanese government declared that takes the given structure " under the state control ".

on February, 9th the official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China Kun Tsjuan has declared that NE unilateral measures of the Japanese party are illegal and not having any force.

" Djaojujdao and islands adjoining to them are territory of China " - Kun Tsjuan has told.

It is considered that the area of islands Djaojujdao is rich with oil though in many respects from - for the disputable status of region of actual workings out here it is not conducted.