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Vlastimil Petrzhela: Half Zenith it is necessary bylorazognat

In Prague there has passed presentation of the book of the former head coach Zenith Once in Russia, or From Czechia with love

the Book which has left in publishing house of nuclear heating plant, is written by Petrzheloj in the co-authorship with the friend and translator Ivan Zhidkovym. publishes fragments from it.  

In a head thumped a hammer

At once I admit: about Zenith I before heard nothing. And when has received the invitation to head this club, it was close to a state of shock. Besides Petersburg is Russia, Soviet Union, and Russia after intrusion into Czechoslovakia in 1968 the majority of my compatriots considered as the hostile country. However, I to this majority as the person apolitical did not belong. Having come to the senses, I have decided that should go by all means to Russia personally to talk to people who are interested in me

... From stadium we have gone to club office. Here Mutko has presented me to the main shareholder David Traktovenko. Have quickly flown by on offices, to me have explained, for what this or that department is necessary. And the most important thing has then begun. promstrojbank which represented Traktovenko, it is located nearby to club, and in its building I have put the signature under the contract. Before it has passed Board of directors where have invited also me. Shareholders have made to me the present interrogation. I tried to answer questions on - russki, desperately remembering the school program. A result shelling there was a direct question, a leah will suffice at me boldness to head so uneasy command, as Zenith . Still I would not have not enough boldness! - the thought before I have confidently told " has flashed; Yes

I as the first serious test has come have not had time to come round. On local customs it was necessary to fix the agreement an alcohol wine-glass. I do not take for a long time already alcohol in a mouth, but to me have rigidly enough told: So it is necessary! Well, it is necessary so it is necessary. However soon I felt as if in a minute I will die, - in a head thumped a hammer, and sweat slid hailstones. Traktovenko admitted later: if he knew, how non-standard will work on me alcohol, to me would allow to scorn tradition

the Miracle - athletes

it was difficult To me to be kept from inquiries about the command. As ganders was its chief, and I always appreciated opinion of the people who are in events. They unique who is capable to give the information as much as possible approached to true. It is especially important, when there is a power change. For this reason, having heard the answer to the first question How much positions it is necessary to strengthen in inter-season period? - I hardly have not seized for a wall not to fall. JUra in the not to an emotional manner has told, as if has shot: - Practically all!.

on May, 17th, 2003. Petrovsky . Zenith - a Torpedo . Petrzhela gives last instructions to Radimov.
a photo: Timur of KHANS

Standing in a hostel corridor, I listened to Gusakova who brought down on me all new and new entertaining the facts:

- In the command disorder. It is necessary to tighten nuts, as much as possible to strengthen structure. That have not taken off, it is necessary to give thanks to God for successful start, when Zenith went the fourth

Restaurant was cosy, apparently, with perfect French cuisine, but I already remember these details vaguely. Vitaly (Mutko. - the Comment red.) With the spouse have met me already in a hall, and long conversation in easy conditions

has begun But something persistently did not give me rest in this weakened, easy atmosphere. Perhaps, too big charge of presidential optimism? a miracle - athletes - as now I remember its words in the address Zenith . A miracle - the athletes who have appeared giving thanks to trainers - razdolbajam on the tenth place And Jura? He like would tell me absolutely another?.

Yury Morozova`s turn has come. Already then he had a serious illness, but periodically came to club office as was registered on the adviser of the president. That this post meant, I did not know, and not especially tried to penetrate into such things. I will tell only that in any way did not expect to hear from Morozova that has heard:

- listen to Nobody, anybody will not help you here. This football player has almost finished the career. This - the adventurer, what light not vidyval. Half-commands it is necessary to disperse and mould all anew

that day with me other people talked also. It seems, there was one more trainer of a season - 2002 - Unsociable persons. But on - to the present it is strong in a head that has told Frosts has sat down only. When the information falls have run low, I as it has been got, have gone to an office of Mutko on final conversation. That has taken an interest that I have gathered from conversation with trainers. I had to throw out at once to it all doubts on some players about whom spoke Frosts. To tell that Mutko has become angry, - means not to tell anything.

- what for you listen to these losers and this grandfather?! To it already lines knows how much years, with a head is not perfectly in order!. Yes you understand that as soon as at you Igonin will recover, problems in a midfield will be never! The Same our guy, Petersburg, we raised it and fostered, fans adore it And Lepyokhin than it is not pleasant to it? Same will seize teeth the rival and will not release. Well what for you listened to all of them?!

that is that means - what for you listened to them? you have told that it is necessary to learn opinion of all who worked with the command who knows it from within! Or these people should inform what wanted to hear Mutko?.

And what I have seen in a reality? Big, solving the part of players trained with a disposition to laziness, without a drive, without belief and understanding for what they make all these exercises which deliver discomfort. On their eyes it was visible that football to which they have devoted life and which brings it rather decent money, does not please them, does not entertain!.

on June, 28th, 2003. Petrovsky . Zenith - CSKA - 4:1. 80 - I minute. Just Kerzhakov has hammered in a ball into gate of soldiers. Him congratulate Lobov and Radimov.


Who it, how a ram?!

Day of the first interview with players it is impossible to forget All action reminded reception at the doctor. The bulb lights up over a door, enters following Players looked interested. Behind an office door mutter and reserved giggling - " were heard; Zenith was enough fun-loving command. And it began to be observed only in second half of season - 2002 when the club was left by Yury Morozov, - at it especially did not laugh

Everyone entering hardly - hardly bent down a head and during conversation which lasted no more than five minutes, drilled Petrzhelu eyes

Petrzhela sat in an armchair with enough - taki a disarming kind, but that before players the boss, there were no doubts. To tell the truth, I was burnt with impatience when at last there will be Kerzhakov and Arshavin

At last one negligent blow on duty at a door which why - that has turned out very much loud was distributed. I have understood at once, who now will enter. And it is valid: in an office Kerzh has deliberately carelessly become hollow, has shortly nodded also villages opposite to the trainer. Petrzhela delano has stared and has thrown aside on - cheshski:

- Who it, how a ram?!

and then, after a pause, has loudly added:

- And - and - and, I know! You are Arshavin!

For hundred percent it is assured that Petrzhela was mistaken purposely - a pier, I have confused you, children. It for Petersburg you stars, and for me, the person from Europe, where about Zenith it is not especially audible, between you there is no difference. Meanwhile. Therefore it is necessary to appease arrogance, to obey me and to work This psychological etude has worked smoothly. Kerzhakov became more silent some water, attentively listened and in detail responded. Though doubts that it will continue to scan the new trainer, was not.

Continuation read in number on May, 18th.