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Faults with hot water

provodjatsjaispytanija thermal networks

Pipelines will be possible Within the next few days to check on durability. At this time in apartments mozhetne to arrive hot water. Tests will pass:

on May, 16th in the Vyborg and Kalininsky areas on street Rustaveli, street Ushinsky, street of Composers, Prokofiev`s street, Northern avenue, the Suzdal avenue, M.Toreza`s avenue, Lunacharsky`s avenue, Vyborg sh. In the Neva area on a site limited to street Krylenko and street Kollontaj, Far East avenue and so forth Bolsheviks.

on May, 17th in Krasnoselsky area on Freedom street, Spirin`s street, Geological street, street Nagornoj, Lenin`s avenue, Strelninsky sh. In Kirovsk rajonena the Baltic street, the Youth lane, street of Marshal Govorova.

on May, 18th in Krasnogvardejsky area on a site limited to street Gromova, Granite street, the Riga street, Novocherkassk avenue, avenue SHaumjana.

it is not so dangerous to citizens. Water heats up to temperature 40градусов. But all the same places on sidewalks, roads and lawns, nadkotorymi steam rises or water acts, it is necessary obhoditstoronoj.

About where, probably, there was a break, it is necessary to inform in filialygup У thermal power station of SPb У:

the Vyborg and Kalininsky areas - (812 297 - 88 - 29, 297 - 88 - 30
Krasnoselsky area - (812 735 - 45 - 17, 735 - 88 - 93
the Kirov area - (812 388 - 10 - 51, 387 - 63 - 00
Krasnogvardejsky and Neva areas - (812 589 - 58 - 53