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Today, on May, 16th:

239 years ago - in 1768 the decree about installation in Petersburg naberegu Neva of a monument to Peter I in a consequence received the name « is published; the Copper horseman ». For a decree embodiment in life bylpriglashen the French sculptor Falkone.

111 years ago   - 1896 in Petersburg, in a summer garden « the Aquarium » in an operetta interval « Alfred - the pasha in Paris » has passed the first in Rossiikinoseans. Now on this place there is a film studio « Lenfilm ».

97 years ago - in 1910 in Petersburg in a family of the factory doctor living in area of the Neva Outpost, poetess Olga Berggolts who has become by one of symbols of blockade Leningrad was born.

50 years ago   - in 1957 there was a decree of Presidium VerhovnogoSoveta of the USSR about medal establishment « In memory 250 - letijaleningrada ». Anniversary on a broader scale - that was for four years earlier.

40 years ago - in 1967 in Leningrad at Factory of Kozitsky bylavypushchena the first party of colour TVs « the Rainbow ».

35 years ago - in 1972 to the Leningrad poet Joseph Brodsky bylopredpisano to leave Soviet Union.