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Matvienkoreshila to go for work in the underground

And will force the others chinovnikovdelat the same

be not surprised, if, sowing in the overflowed bus or having gone down vmetro, you will meet there one of big smolninskih chiefs, ato and Valentina Ivanovnu. Already happen it can in July. Idejavysadit officials from personal cars has arisen at gubernatorapeterburga. In its opinion, chiefs should test on themselves rabotuobshchestvennogo transport. For this purpose once a month garage Smolnogo budetotdyhat, and officials are obliged to move, as all simple граждане:на work, from work and on affairs. However, the governor at once sdelalaposlablenie - has allowed subordinated to use bicycles. skoroopredelitsja and concrete day on which test dljanachalstvennyh feet will drop out.

are there should be not a Saturday and not Tuesday, - at once predupredilamatvienko. - And that for government session will be late.

For the sake of justice it is necessary to notice that in this question Petersburg nebudet the first. In the eighties the last century on the country from a mouth vusta passed stories about the new secretary Moscow obkoma KPSSEltsine which regularly easily went by the city bus. Subsequently Boris Nikolaevich has refused this habit.

one guards: about a bottom У iks У will know itransportniki so, they will have a possibility to let out on liniidopolnitelnye forces. Well and it is fine. Though once a month we will normally drive!