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From “ a correct way of life “ not for long and be ill

Maniacal pressing forward kzdorovomu to a way of life can to turn back serious nervous rasstrojstvomi other problems with an organism

Primerdlja of imitation or persistence?

For the first time ortoreksiju ( ortho - from Greek “ correct “) The American doctor izkalifornii Stephen BRETMAN has described and named it “ a complex pravilnogopitanija “. This mental frustration unlike a bulimia (gluttony) and an anorexia (disgust for food) “ spins “ around not quantities eaten, and egokachestva.

Ortoreksiki without interruption otshlifovyvajut the diet, consider calories, jump on ten times for a day on scales, exhaust itself vsevozmozhnymiizuverskimi with ways of deducing of slags and pomeshany on “ improving “ type programs “ Malakhov + “.

Besides scientific knowledges that actually is useful and it is harmful dljaorganizma, suffering affliction ortoreksiej despise, and doctors schitajutsharlatanami. Been ill, quite often refuse drug intake, schitajaih “ chemistry “. But prefer before zavtrakomhlopnut a glass “ natural fresh “ urine izakusit a plate of the let germinate soya.

Zatsiklennye on “ a healthy way of life “ neredkostanovjatsja hostages of the most foolish ways “ healings “ and even adherents of dangerous sects.

in a basis - a complex neudachnikai sense of guilt

Ortoreksija - frustration - that nevertheless mental (as psychiatrists speak, a variant obsessivno - fobicheskogo a syndrome). And, as all persistence, grows from absolutely ordinary and correct things, truth, dovedennyhdo absurdity. But if at a bulimia of the patient tests obvious fault iraskajanie for the attacks of a gluttony feature ortoreksii (islozhnost its treatments) - confidence of the patient that it arrives kaknado, operates for the blessing of the organism and on a broader scale lives pravilneedrugih (does not drink, does not smoke, does not guzzle, eats crude vegetables and bljudeturoven cholesterol).

And around it is so much support: Advertising shouts about cleaning sosudovnaturalnymi means, on the central TV channel leaders with bezumnymiglazami talk profusely about advantage syroedenija!

But all is bravado and a soap bubble. In a basis - greetings, old man Freud! - a principle of replacement and flight from the validity. For uncontrolled inelogichnym as a matter of fact hobby for a healthy way of life hides nezhelaniei inability to solve the most simple vital problems, preodolevatkazhdodnevnye difficulties and normally to communicate with people.

and, of course, almost children`s fear of death, not adult thinking supposedly jasebja in something I will limit, “ I will take away from myself harmful sladkujukonfetku “ and for it I will win a prize - I will live till 120 years.

who in risk group

On the statistican, victims ortoreksii the woman from 30 to 50λες become more often, than the average prosperity, working, but not too loving the work, with serious problems in private life.

At men ortoreksija quite often accompanies experiences “ krizisasrednego age “ when the fear of a heart attack becomes real, in hair there are streaks of grey, and it would be desirable to love young beauties (and, kakgovoritsja to correspond).

As the person it, as a rule, diffident melancholiacs ilivnushaemye and impulsive choleric persons. Phlegmatic persons are too lazy dljasamoistjazanija, and sanguine persons are too realistic for belief in miracles syrojmorkovki.

the Most dangerous “ shifts “

Approximately in 70 % of cases insanity on a healthy way of life sozdaetcheloveku social difficulties - it cannot normally have dinner in cafe, refuses weight interesting in life, working capacity decreases, it start to consider strange and to avoid.

but there are some kinds of diets and procedures which, being considered atributamizdorovogo a way of life, actually can be simply dangerous. Sredinih:
the FACT

Every second ortoreksik periodically runs in “ dietary “ depression when against banalnogonedoedanija there is a disgust for and the whole world.