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On percent on the credit it is possible to save

Bank will give a discount if come to light the owner of its securities

Credits and contributions - it is far not unique services, which predostavljajutbanki. And about the list most part, У how to save krovnozarabotannoe У Russians at all do not suspect. And in vain. Myrasskazhem about bank certificates, bills and traveller`s cheques. Etiinstrumenty give the chance to save savings, to bring down percent pokreditu and without restrictions to take out capitals abroad.

the bank certificate at first sight a little than differs from the deposit. It is a security to bearer, confirming the sum brought vbank the contribution. The certificate can be nominal and to bearer. The derzhateletogo document has the right to receive after established srokavklad and the provided percent.

For example, the Savings Bank of Russia offers clients sberegatelnyesertifikaty face value in 1, 10, 50 и100 thousand roubles which can be placed for the term from 3 months to 2лет. У Sber У lets out securities only napredjavitelja. The owner of the certificate, without waiting approaches srokaplatezha, can pass its other person or show for payment in banks to receive the contribution together with the income which in this case is estimated to contribution delivery У poste restante У. The commission zavydachu and payment of the certificate the bank does not take. The income under certificates idepozitam practically does not differ: only in some banks protsentnajastavka under contributions hardly more low, than on certificates.

at the same time certificates have a number of nuances, which kardinalnootlichajut them from contributions. So, system of insurance of contributions nerasprostranjaetsja on demand certificates. And owners imennyhsertifikatov in case of bankruptcy of bank, as well as usual investors, receive insurance payment at the rate to 400 thousand roubles (до25 March this sum was more modest - 190тыс€ч than roubles).

Owners of certificates to bearer during procedure bankrotstvapopadajut in number of creditors of the first stage. It means that vladeltsytsennyh bank papers will return the money during half a year - year. But, probably, not completely: happens that means for a bank abacus nehvataet to pay off debts to the client in full.

but it is necessary to remember that unlike the deposit certificates can vystupatobespecheniem at credit reception. And even allow sushchestvennosnizit the interest rate under a loan.


the Bill is more profitable than the deposit

To begin with that such the bill. It is historically considered to be, chtoeto the debenture. However recently the bill predstavljaetsoboj convenient enough tool for investments. This valuable bumagadaet possibility not only to store capitals, but also to dispose of them to own discretion.

bank bills can be got for reception dopolnitelnogodohoda. Convenience consists that if the private person or predprijatiehochet to place the means in bank deposits, for etogoneobhodimo to open the bill. At purchase of the bill it требуетс€:покупатель on a broader scale can be the client of bank - enough prostoperechislit means for the special bill specified by bank in dogovorekupli - bill sales.

the income of bills usually above, than under deposits.

as well as the bank certificate, the bill use in quality obespechenijapo to the credit or for granting of guarantees. Bills known bankovobladajut high liquidity, accept them for payment all branches, chtosootvetstvenno raises appeal of these papers.

in general, the modern bank bill is universal finansovyjinstrument in which worthiness of the payment document is combined.


Traveller`s cheques for travellers

to Transport money it is possible cash, on a plastic card or in traveller`s cheques.

for the traveller most conveniently last variant. Money mogutukrast, a map - to grasp a cash dispense. And traveller`s cheques even if oniukradeny or are lost, it is easy to restore, and there and then. Road chekivypuskajut face value from 10 to 1000 standard units. Checks rasprostranjajutsrazu some companies - emitters. But in Russia most rasprostranenycheki American Express.

With traveller`s cheques swindlers try not to communicate. At purchase chekav bank its owner appends on it the signature. At calculation or obnalichivaniivtoraja the signature is put in the presence of the cashier. For this reason vtorujupodpis on the check it is not necessary to do in advance. And virtuosos, sposobnyhpoddelat your autograph, will be a little.

However the check can be passed or presented to other person. For this purpose naobratnoj to the document party the transfer inscription is put.

the spoilt or lost checks restore. To begin with neobhodimopozvonit in dispatching service of the emitter of the payment document. Vreklame it is said that on completion some hours leave. Praktikapokazyvaet that this term can be stretched about one days. But chekiobjazatelno will restore. Presence of numbers of checks essentially uskoritprohozhdenie formal procedures.

at purchase of checks in the Russian banks commission fee usually make 1%от a face-value. Or at all 0 %.