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Every fourth rouble in Russia is paid illegally?

but only 13 % of Russians admitted that receive “ grey “ salaries

According to poll spent VTSIOMom, only receive 13 % of Russians “ grey “ the salary. And to rejoice that ours poluchkivyhodjat from a shade, but economists do not believe in such kind picture. poih to opinion, to 30 - 40 % of salaries on - former are paid in envelopes. Officials think out all new ways to force rabotodatelejrasschityvatsja in “ white “. And to workers uzhenevygodno to receive money in konvertikah - in Russia boom of crediting, abanki give loans only under the official salary. How much in Russia nasamom business “ grey “ salaries and who ihpoluchaet, experts find out.

10 years the country left from taxes

Salaries in envelopes in 1990 - e years seemed practically norm. Ivygodno it was everything, except the state treasury, kotorajanedopoluchala ten billions roubles. In due course “ black “ salaries have turned in “ grey “ is when a scanty part of the icon setting ljudipoluchajut officially through accounts department, and all the rest already in envelopes. Volumes “ grey “ salaries at that time reached 60 %. What for to pay taxes if it is possible not to pay them?

- in addition when the majority of people do not pay to the state estnarushajut the law, to break most not so terribly, - tells AgvanMiKaElJaN, zamgendirektora auditorsko - consulting group “ Financial examination “. - In the country was more than 10 letpraktiki leaving from taxes. To return employers irabotnikov in a legal field, time is necessary.

still recently all experts have been assured that volume “ grey “ salaries till now it is high enough. poetomurezultaty poll VTSIOMa on this subject have seemed surprising - λθψό13 % interrogated admitted that receive salaries in envelopes. neuzhelinashi incomes leave a shade? But, if in details to study poll, it turns out that it not absolutely so. 15 % interrogated zatrudnilisotvetit.

- If the citizen receives “ white “ the salary, toradostno it declares, - tells Agvan Mikaeljan. - Then ljudiprosto were ashamed or zabojalis to admit that them poluchkinelegalny. So to 13 percent which have declared about “ grey “ salaries, it is possible to add still 15οπξφενςξβ. Already 28 percent As a result turn out. Plus of 4 percent which according to poll receive “ black “ the salary. As a result, leaves, 32 percent of salaries bypass tax gathering. Etatsifra it is already close to a reality.

credits and tax specialists “ bleach “ our incomes

“ to Grow white “ Earnings have begun only in posledniedva - three years. And, according to experts, it is a lot of reasons for it. Prezhdevsego it became favourable to earn legally. Our incomes, of course, grow, but, as a rule, the pay suffices only on the most necessary, askopit on large purchase at the average salary is almost unreal. And the unique exit is to take the credit. And banks at delivery zajmovtrebujut to confirm the income with the inquiry from accounts department. And, if ofitsialnoty you receive 1,5 - 2 thousand, to count on the good credit neprihoditsja.

- to one of the basic criteria at a work choice recently became “ white “ the salary, - explains Agvan Mikaeljan. - Legal earnings at which it is possible to count on a loan in bank, became very important for citizens. By our estimations, now in konvertahvyplachivaetsja to 30 percent of salaries is by quantity. If to consider “ grey “ Pays in money leaves that nalogamine the quarter of all means which are given out by the employer is assessed. Aznachit, every fourth rouble is paid illegally.

by estimations “ Financial examinations “ the basic share “ grey “ pays goes to a pocket to middle class (to people with the income of $1 thousand) . Among those who earns to $500, vkonvertah receive only 10 %, from $1 thousand - to 20 %, $3 thousand - δξ50 %. The most legal salary at a top - managers who have in mesjatsdo $10 thousand.

- as practice, in many respects on process " has shown; bleachings “ salaries have affected administrativnyemery, - makes comments on Igor NIKOLAYS, the director of the Departamentastrategichesky analysis of company FBK. - Heads of firms, kotoryeplatjat to the workers under reports less the than minimum size oplatytruda, reprimand and give talks, promising neozhidannujunalogovuju check. It operates almost absolutely. And mnogiepredpochitajut in advance to deduce salaries from a shade that was not povodovdlja additional visits of sneaks. In addition last years vlastnachala strictly to ask from defaulters. And a little bright primerovrasplaty for concealment upon many have made due impression.

- There is a weight of ways to find out, a leah is legal payment, - adds Mikaeljan. - There are cases, when tax specialists simply zadajutvoprosy to workers, how much at them the salary. If the person receives a part “ white “ and a part “ brimstone “ salaries, he not always remembers, how much at it on most deleofitsialnaja a payment. As a result the worker names the incorrect sum, egopripugivajut, and he admits at once that actually a pay - that at negoidet in an envelope. In America 30 - h years with “ black “ salaries struggled rigidly. They considered, how much the person has spent, apotom compared this figure to the official income.

at “ grey “ salaries too there are pluses and minuses. Eslirabotodatel pays all taxes it puts these expenses vstoimost the goods. On the other hand, the part of taxes goes on budushchujupensiju the worker.

- I think, through two - three years it will be possible completely “ To bleach “ salaries in the country, - govoritagvan Mikaeljan. - On it there is an accurate administrative installation.

and here Igor Nikolays considers that “ grey “ salaries - as criminality which cannot be eradicated as with it struggle.

- the share of illegal salaries is approximately equal to a shadow economy share, - explains Nikolays. - a maximum, on what it is possible to count, it svestiobem illegal payment to 10 percent from total amount. On krajnejmere such indicators have the developed countries. Taking into account that, chtodo the developed countries to us still it is far, I consider that to an indicator 10οπξφενςξβ we will come years through 20 - 25. After all “ grey “ salaries is all what are not taxed. And always najdutsjarabotniki to which can pay for certain services by cash izruk in hands. Formally even tip is “ grey “ salaries.