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Russians prepare for storm fondovogorynka

the Half-million of citizens already vlozhilisvoi money in securities

Money it is possible to earn in the different ways. The most pleasant - lying nadivane.   has taken shares and wait to itself spokojnenko, while they vzletjatv to the price. According to the experts, this year Russians will begin shturmovatfondovyj the market. At the same time such kind « earnings » can leave without trousers, but in a hat. A leah so it is easy on most delezarabotat money for purchase of securities? What actions kompanijvygodnee and are the most safe for buying and when to wait for profit?

« Golubyefishki » - the most reliable

My close friend Ivan recently beside himself. Big chastdohoda from the small private enterprise it lowers on pokupkuaktsy at stock exchange.   Ivan is absolutely convinced, chtoblagodarja the enterprise already through five - a leah six years it stanetchut Rockefeller. To save the friend from precipitate steps iuznat, a leah correctly it arrives, I was converted behind advice kspetsialistam.

- Securities now really need to be bought. Poslefevralsky crisis in stock market of the action of the leading companies all eshchestojat is rather cheap. In due course they, certainly, will rise in price, - the director of one of management companies Dmitrijretunsky speaks.  

At the same time it is necessary to buy with mind. According to experts, to beginners not to burn through, it is necessary to buy « blue counters » - actions of the most liquid companies. It is the least risky variant. Ktomu last year « blue counters » pokazaliluchshy growth, than actions of the second echelon, though as a whole ozhidaemajadohodnost at them and more low. At the same time it is not necessary to put all sredstvav papers of any one company. According to the experts, sejchasblagoprijatnyj the moment and for investment in share investitsionnyefondy. And here with actions of the companies of the second and the third eshelonovneprofessionalam to communicate risky.

interest of the population to actions from the very beginning of this year podogrevaetsjavlastjami. Appeals to play stock market have sounded even from ustprezidenta. Vladimir Putin recommended to usual citizens vkladyvatdengi in the action of the Russian companies, such, as « Rosneft » the Savings Bank and Vneshtorgbank. We will remind that « Rosneft » in the summer of last year of the first razmestilabumagi among citizens. From now on its actions have risen in price for 24,8 %. Recently additional issue of actions was carried out by the Savings Bank, asejchas   begins   national IPO Vneshtorgbanka.

- Praises of the higher persons of the state to state companies placing action, and also appeals them to buy are capable to deprive of people of reason and zastavljatriskovat last money, - the professor of stand sotsialnojpsihologii considers Moscow State University Tahir of MARKETS. - A plan which can disappear for « a share agiotage » consists in, that privlechljudej rather poor. After all on stock market there are not those people, kotoryepokupajut to themselves of the house. It is known that mammon of a small number ljudejsozdaetsja poverty of the majority.

by the way, in some countries, for example, in China, national IPO uzhepriveli to huge problems. Wishing to grow rich Chineses for the sake of pokupkiaktsy thoughtlessly take credits in banks and put apartments. Not casually head of Federal Agency of the financial markets (FSFR) Oleg Vjugin has urged Russians to estimate possible risks soundly. Zachastujutsennye papers of state companies are considered as reliable and almost not subject to the general market fluctuations. Actually owners etihaktsy bear the same risks. In case of occurrence of problems at the company which have left on national IPO, the course of its actions can promptly fail, inikto will not compensate these losses.

In the beginning the apartment - then actions

By estimations of National association of participants of stock market (NAUFOR), today in Russia is more than half-million of the realised investors. And votstatistika lost at a stock exchange it is not conducted. But, according to experts, risks are very high.

- it is necessary to understand what to buy securities it is possible only on lishniesberezhenija, - chairman NAUFOR Alexey of TIMOTHEUSES speaks. - if vyplaniruete soon to buy apartment it is not necessary to use on fondovomrynke the means saved up for it. Fondly to think that for a year - ones and a half vyrazbogateete. Before going on stock market, it is desirable, that uvas already there was a car and apartment, and also bank deposits.

to beginners is better to use professional uchastnikovfondovogo the market. And, of course, it is not necessary to sell at once papers, if oniupali in the price. Actions is better to buy year on three and more. And in etovremja it is not necessary to react to fluctuations

quotations. In some years securities will rise in price.


According to a management company « Mosaics » rossijskiepajshchiki are men after 45 years. Women in stock market ochenmalo, and the youth is not present absolutely. Players, as a rule, have vyssheeobrazovanie. More often they are hired managers. On pokupkupaev Russians on the average spend 300 - 500 thousand roubles.


Alexey of TIMOTHEUSES, predsedatelpravlenija National association of participants of stock market (NAUFOR): be fond of credits

- very often brokers offer citizens marzhinalnye transactions (ihtakzhe name operation with « a shoulder ») . These operatsiiabsoljutno are lawful and vysokodohodny, but are thus very risky. The broker or any third party gives to the pritakoj transaction klientudopolnitelnye means for purchase of actions, as a matter of fact, the credit. Aobespecheniem return of this credit are got tsennyebumagi. Therefore at marzhinalnyh action operations can in ljubojmoment be sold the intermediary, if falling of the prices in the market dostignetopredelennogo level. Be thus sold they can on absolutely unprofitable conditions for the client.

now under the law it is authorised to brokers to give nekvalifitsirovannyminvestoram no more than 50 % from a sum of transaction (it is called one « a shoulder ») For skilled investors dopuskaetsjapredostavlenie three « plechej ». But frequently nekotoryebrokery offer various schemes which allow davatneprofessionalam much bigger quantity « plechej ». And the more « plechej » the it is more brave, especially znachitelnyekolebanija in the market can lead to sale of actions. If chelovekpokupaet securities only on own money, he mensheriskuet at fluctuations of the market also can count on that actions, having gone down in price, through any time again will rise in price.


And you speculate on the Stock Exchange?

Konstantin BOROVOJ, the businessman:
- to Play a lottery with the state I to myself have forbidden still in sovetskievremena. And to play a lottery with the Russian market economy menjaotuchil Sergey Mavrodi.

Paul ASTAKHOV, the lawyer:
- Basically the normal modern person can quite hold chastsvoih incomes in actions. But it should be not the critical sums: from 10 20 % of the income. Very well in reasonable limits. Personally at me with 1995 godaest shares of company « Volkswagen » I have bought them when worked in Spain. I do not know, how much they have in this time grown vtsene, but it is pleasant to me to realise that today my company owns « Rolls - the Royce » and « Audi ». And 1998 to year, two months prior to crisis, I have taken shares « Gazprom ». After crisis they have gone down in price in chetyreraza, and then for two years have grown twice. Then I have sold these actions. It is necessary to understand that the stock market, to regret, is game in « a pyramid » or Russian roulette, which izobretenaamerikantsami.  

Vladimir LYSENKO, prezidentinstituta the modern policy:
- I the conservative in financial questions. Without serious preparation to go nabirzhu it is impossible, differently it is possible to remain with what, as occurs somnogimi our compatriots. My principle: « Luchshemenshe, yes it is better ».

Vladimir VISHNEVSKY, the poet:
- I have driven recently in new apartment and in the near future even nesobirajus to think, a leah to play to me stock market. All mine vlozhenijasosredotocheny round me. But still about three years ago I why - that have written naetu a subject a couplet:
As though, children, you were nimble,
do not play stock market …

Flocks KUSHANASHVILI, the showman:
- I the person extremely orthodox also do not believe in stock exchanges, vaktsii, but only in cash. They at you are - operate with them, none enter with anybody commercial transactions. Everything that in Russia undertakes, kakkalka, from the West, comes to an end with crash and prison. Neither crash, nor prison jane I want.

Natalia NOVICHKOVA, the bookkeeper:
- I played an exchange training apparatus on the Internet. Very much tightens, but japroigralas totally. If it occurred in a reality, I ushlaby from a stock exchange in 15 minutes naked and barefooted.