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Gosha Kutsenko: We with Irina reshilipozhenitsja!

On the eve of the fortieth anniversary akterpriznalsja that has proposed favourite

on May, 20th to the well-known actor, the TV presenter and singer Gosha Kutsenkoispolnjaetsja of 40 years.

in last number of a weekly journal (see from 10) Kutsenko the hunter on women and that is not going to connect itself uzamizakonnogo marriage has given us interview in which has told, what ondonzhuan. During week-end under its invitation we have visited solnyjkontsert Kutsenko (the actor acts with group Anatomy of Soul) in stolichnomart - club Duets and, having come to Gosha into a make-up room, have decided to specify, why all - taki by 40 years he and did not marry, having asked a sacramental question: the pier, can, you are afraid of women?

what there was our surprise when Gosha on such assumption vdrugobidelsja and has declared:

- I to you now will tell that yet did not speak to journalists: I marry! Etopravda! It is time.

- Gosha how so, you in interview to us have informed, what not hotitesvjazyvat yourselves marriage bonds? - We were surprised to such change.

- I did not say that never I marry. Simply it would not be desirable lishnihrassprosov journalists. After all Irina not from this public world, onaochen the quiet, modest person. And from your brother to pass is not present. Will see, I will play in a new film of the journalist, uh, I will be ruthless! (Sironichnoj threat in a voice.) But if it is serious, certainly, we pozhenimsjas Irina. We are ready.

- and when you to it predlozhenieruki and hearts have made?

- Yes I still have made five years ago its the proposal, when mypoznakomilis. She deliberated all. But now it is ready, ready! And mypozhenimsja in the nearest future.

... I love Irina. It - my life. Our relations is takajatrogatelnaja a thing about which it is impossible to tell hastily.

And can be, on a broader scale it is not necessary to tell about it. Very personal.

- speak, Irina wants stataktrisoj?

- At it it will be fast the first film premiere, here and talk to it about it.

- and how you will note the denrozhdenija?

- I believe in a sign that 40 years do not mark. Therefore not buduprazdnovat. It is occupied by work, now I leave on shootings to Feodor Bondarchukuv Krym - I act in a film Manned island poromanu brothers Strugatsky. With Anatomy of Soul we write down a disk of songs. I work.

- Gosha, on behalf of readers we congratulate you on coming birthday izhelaem happiness with Irina!