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Anjukov will play from CSKA

the agent futbolistaaleksandr Fedoseyev

in " Confirms Recently; Zenith a question on Anjukovustoit very sharply. Throughout two seasons the defender was nezamenimymigrokom on the right flank. Even at an inexpressive play of the team of Sashedostavalos it is most less. He gave all the best for hundred percent. But vposlednee time has unexpectedly ceased to get to structure Zenith .

- Why? - Our conversation has begun with this question with AleksandromFedoseevym.

- I do not know the answer. This domestic concern of club. Sasha - the big player. Onochen it is necessary to the command. Its performance coefficient, perhaps, samyjvysoky from all players of the Russian championship. It is very stable. Questions under its physical form are not present. After all knowingly him invite vsbornuju Russia to matches with Andorra and Croatia. Silly it neispolzovat. If there are any personal relations, which neslozhilis it should not prevent to do result. I think, Sashavyjdet in the field or in the nearest match with the Ruby or, most likely, in a match from CSKA.

- There were hearings that Anjukov can pass in one izmoskovskih clubs

- If he really wants where - that to pass will make it for dvadnja.

- But Zenith will request for it prilichnyeotstupnye

- If you get the big thing and to pay for it dolzhensootvetstvujushchie money.