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How to find a justice on the neighbour in a summer residence

How competently to leave izkonfliktnyh situations on rest

Gathering for summer residences, Petersburgers dream to have a rest from city vanity, noise and associates. But from neighbours not to get to anywhere even on dachnomuchastke. It is good, if the neighbourhood quiet. And if is not present? Most prostojsposob to avoid conflicts - to pretend that occurs nothing. To build a fence above and to drink for the night soporific. But then about spokojnomotdyhe it is possible to forget. How all - taki to defend the legitimate rights? Obetom to readers “ in city Tsentrejuridichesky support of land users has told it rukovoditelviktor SHCHELOKOV.

the Answer to the aggressor

the Situation. you the neighbour has decided to change a fence between sites and “ inadvertently “ has put it not on border, and prihvativvashu territory. Or has constructed banku, which half prihoditsjaakkurat on your lawn.

what to do. If you the proprietor of a site you on hands should have egokadastrovaja a map. It is necessary to make control measurement of territory (be converted in BTI in a residence) and if it is found out that sosedzahvatil a part of the earth belonging to you, can safely be converted siskovym by the petition.

even if borders of your site are not broken, but at building ioborudovanii the site the neighbour has broken the sanitary code (postroildom, a shed or a bath on distance is closer than 1 metre from site border, has incorrectly placed a toilet, has laid electricity cables over vashimipostrojkami) is too an occasion to proceeding.

we will calm brawlers

the Situation. For your neighbours a summer residence - vacation spot. To them regularly there come visitors, and a noisy alcoholic sit-round gathering lasts till the morning. And then you obnaruzhivaetemusor directly near the gate or near to a footpath.

what to do. Takiedejstvija are considered as small hooliganism, order infringement vobshchestvennyh places. And public places in country economy - etodorogi and gardening fares, sports both children`s playgrounds and shops. At first it is possible to complain to the local policeman (militiaman), and eslieto will not help - to write the application addressed to the chief of department vnutrennihdel your area.

infringers are threatened with the penalty at the rate from five to fifteen minimum wage rates (from 500δξ 1500 rbl.) Or administrative arrest for the term up to fifteen days.

and for Zhuchku - you will respond!

the Situation. Sosedarazdrazhaet that your cat or a dog runs on its beds, and onvymeshchaet the rage on in what not a guilty animal.

what to do. First of all try to limit movement of the pupil (especially dogs) on a site. In something the neighbour can be understood - a leah tozhevrjad will be pleasant to you, if another`s pupil treads your beds.

sometimes especially nervous citizens do not want to solve a question the world, bjutzhivotnyh or try to poison them. Then (especially if svideteljamibezobraznoj scenes children began) to involve quite really the fleecer kugolovnoj responsibility on

item 245 of the criminal code of Russian Federation “ Cruel treatment of animals “. Aeto the penalty to 80 thousand rbl. or imprisonment from 6 months and till 2 years.

how to be with threats?

the Situation. After verbal skirmishes with neighbours in your address rush abuse and threats “ to deprive of health “. It is possible to pay no attention to them but if threats do not stop are an occasion to reflect about svoejbezopasnosti.

What to do. Threat should have the concrete character which has suffered dolzhenvosprinimat it really and to have the basis to be afraid for the life izdorove. For example, if drunk the neighbour shouts in your party cherezzabor: “ I will kill you “ accompanying the speech potokombrani, - to involve it it is possible only to administrative otvetstvennostiza small hooliganism. And if it thus raises extramediocre affinity from a head of the victim, holds in a hand a shovel, an axe or other subject to which can cause tjazhkoetelesnoe damage, - the crime structure is available.

In this case for criminal case excitation it is necessary not tolkonemedlenno to be converted with the statement or to call militia into place, but inastojat on carrying out of survey of a scene, withdrawal and priobshcheniik to business of a subject which was used as threat. Will be necessary isvideteli - those who the eyes saw occurring or heard krikio the help, abuse.

when all against you

the Situation. the Chairman of gardening is obviously incited against you and otkrovennopokazyvaet it at general meeting. On behalf of meeting to you write letters, stick leaflets on fences …

What to do. distribution of obviously false data discrediting honour ilidostoinstvo, or undermining reputation Is available. It is slander (for neepredusmotrena concrete responsibility). But can take place ioskorblenie is a humiliation of honour and the worthiness, expressed to the extradecent form. Thus the given acts should occur publicly (gossips are not considered). Primary check of statements in such sluchajahtakzhe is made by militia and if at the victim is dokazatelstvaviny the offender, he can be converted into court directly.

it is competent

Lawyer Victor SHCHELOKOV:

- it is frequent from the victim it is possible to hear: “ What for to me the lawyer, jazhe not the criminal to employ the defender? “ I consider dannyjpodhod in a root wrong. A basic principle sudebnogoprotsessa - competitiveness of the parties. That is both the victim or the claimant, and accused or the respondent should be laid down in equal conditions, representing to court the explanation of a current situation. But about kakomravenstve there can be a speech if interests of the villain there will be zashchishchatkvalifitsirovannyj a lawyer, and the victim not always tempted vvoprosah of jurisprudence, will be urged to prove the pravotusamostojatelno? Therefore, if the question carries for you printsipialnyjharakter, do not hesitate to consult on a current situation skompetentnym the expert and if necessary to conclude the contract napredstavitelstvo your interests in bodies preliminary sledstvijaili in court.


two muzhiks Talk:

- I Love early in the morning on a summer residence, hours per twelve, to leave. There are nakryltse, and around only bent backs. You take a hose, hrjas on spineteshche: “ MarjaZaharovna, you on a porch have forgotten a hose! “

- well it, podi, in shout at once?

- Not - e! It is glad - radeshenka! In οπoψλϋι - that time she has forgotten a shovel!