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Children in city centre have stolen radikvartir?

Semja Borodulinyh has suffered onnovogo a corporate raid kind


Incident has occurred in the centre of Petersburg, in five minutes of walking otdvortsovoj the areas. Approximately at half past ten p.m. Dima ialeksandra Boroduliny came back from daily employment ushu. Otetsdetej, having parked the car in an internal court yard, saw off the son and dochdomoj. To a protected entrance it was necessary to pass only to a small lane

- There very dark place: the blank wall and garbage tanks, - with tears vgolose tells the grandmother of the stolen children Valentine Petrovna. - They on this route go four years, coming back from employment.

the car of thieves waited for them under an arch, before the Black Sea lane. A strong blow to the head criminals have tumbled down the father on the earth. DochkaAleksandra has heart-rendingly cried, calling to the aid. Someone from sosedejvygljanul in a window, but thieves already pushed children in the car.

- we have noticed any fuss on an observation camera: under an arch izbivalicheloveka, children it was visible not, - workers ohrannogopredprijatija, houses watching for an entrance remember. - Have rushed to the aid, noprestupnikov already and the trace has caught a cold.

the father of children, Paul Borodulin, lay in a huge pool of blood. Ohrannikinemedlenno have called fast potommilitsiju In some minutes to a place proisshestvijapodbezhala and mother of stolen children - it left behind rolls kvechernemu to tea. Doctors have fixed at the father of children zakrytujucherepno - a brain trauma, the man have brought to clinic of a name of Polenov.

the plan Interception declared almost in half an hour posleproisshestvija. postovye sherstili all driving by the six and the eights (poslovam neighbours, children have taken away on a Zhiguli Darkly - dark blue or it is dark - green colour without registration number), but without result. Time has been lost.

- you do not represent to yourselves, what it is remarkable children, kind, obedient, - Valentina Petrovna cries. - Sashenka in 2 - ju gimnazijuhodila, the best in a city, and Dima - in a kindergarten. We never nedumali that here something can threaten them. After all it is city centre, capital, not the Chechen Republic any. Pavlika nearly have not killed - there stolkokrovi there was It recently called home, hardly speaks. At all does not remember, than it have struck.

the grandmother of children all this time sits on phone, expecting zvonkapohititelej. But any threats and conditions of the repayment it did not arrive yet. A family till now in shock: who and what for needed to kidnap, which parents - usual teachers of music, graduates of conservatory, idle some years?

the Inheritance

the Second grammar school where studied 11 - summer Sasha, is considered one of samyhprestizhnyh in a city. After lessons for schoolboys zaezzhajutdorogie foreign cars, at some children even are bodyguard. Poslezhutkogo incident the people here cannot come to the senses till now. Are nervous both teachers and children. About terrible incident know all. Little girls from 5 in (a class of Sashenki Borodulinoj) run in tears.

- Sasha a few days ago was such joyful, smiled - has received pjaterkupo to Russian, - the schoolmate Elizabeth Minina speaks. - Vecheromee were taken away, as usual, by the father by the car, and next day it neprishla.

to find out that has occurred to Sashej, children have decided to call mamedevochki.

- She spoke, as though under a pistol barrel, - Liza admits. - a Pier, no abduction existed - they simply were unwell. All vporjadke

- Here all inform that Pavlik was the large businessman. Yes was not unego any business! - the grandmother of children Valentine Petrovna speaks. - Both of them did not work, all time devoted to children. Jeanne on utramvodila in school, dinners prepared children, their Pavlik from employment took away iprovozhal on ushu

As she said, the family lived on money from rent of apartments - inheritances, dvagoda back left Jeanne Borodulinoj`s father. A gain, judging everything, was considerable.

- parents at Alexanders were provided enough people, - rasskazyvaetodna from girl-friends of the girl. - yes, they had a domestic car, but Sasha presumed to buy to itself sweets and toys in ogromnyhkolichestvah. And she put on always very well.

it is not excluded that such carefree life of a family of Borodulinyh pozavidovalkto - that of the deprived relatives. In the same night in apartment upostradavshej families the militia has touched all family tree. And dazhevyzvala on interrogation of one of nephews.

upon abduction criminal case is brought, materials are passed vgorodskuju Office of Public Prosecutor. Kidnapping took under personal kontrolgubernator Petersburg Valentina Matvienko.

the father of children lies in hospital, to it have already performed operation and nalozhilineskolko seams. Under indications of the man inspectors have made fotorobotpredpolagaemyh criminals and their verbal orientation. militsijanadeetsja that this data will help to find thieves.


Why has not worked the plan Interception ?

We have tried to understand, where precious time has got to.

22. 40 - thieves attack in a lane Paul Borodulin.
22. 43 - neighbours hear shout and see, how the car of criminals breaks smesta, taking away with itself children. Call in militia.
22. 50 - workers of the security enterprise run up. Call doctors napomoshch.
22. 55 - first aid approaches on a scene imilitsija. Law enforcement bodies contact traffic police.
23. 05 - is declared the plan Interception but it not prinositnikakih results.

between abduction and the beginning poiskovproshlo practically half an hour. For etovremja the car with children quite could leave a city free.


In all raiders are guilty?

it is quite possible that a case with children of Borodulinyh - nou - hau taknazyvaemyh room raiders. And abduction - one of ways zahvatadorogih apartments.

to thieves was on what to covet. After all on hand semiborodulinyh four expensive apartments. In one, on Admiraltejskojnaberezhnoj, there lived parents with children. In another, on Palace Square, - the grandmother of the stolen children. Two more apartments the family leased.

by estimations of the realtors, one only the apartment Borodulinyh (with protection, a smart entrance in the city centre) costs now 10 - 12 tysjachdollarov for square metre. The considerable repayment for two children`s lives.