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Volochkovane wants to act in Petersburg from - for bad advertising

Petersburg organizers in shock: Anastasia Volochkova has unexpectedly declared that will not participate on May, 25th in performance the Jump vsvobodu about life of legendary dancer Rudolf Nurieva. Ivot now organizers will incur serious losses, poskolkuproplachennye for rent of a hall of a recreation centre Vyborg ireklamu on TV money hardly will return to them.

it is good still, organizers, the fee Volochkovoj not vyplachenzaranee rejoice. The matter is that its participation in performance is insignificant: in total dvatantsa in the form of sideshows. But onia and steels kamnempretknovenija between the actress and organizers.

- Anastas very much wanted to dance in this performance, - rasskazyvaetavtor the project Olga Obuhovsky. - And suddenly call from eeadministratsii in the evening and inform, Nastja refuses! Explain to that to them neponravilas advertising which goes on television. And at it in ijulesolnye projects in Petersburg. As to advertising vpolneestestvenno, we have counted on it, as on the most untwisted name. Though other actors are not worse at all: Nurieva plays Sergejjankovsky, in other roles - the soloist of the Maryinsky Theater Andrey Ivans inatella Tariashvili. Simply their general public while knows less, chemvolochkovu. Nastja does not take the call mobile, probably, it is a shame to it that it so has brought. At us all has not been made any contracts, on the word of honour.

Here this poster did not suit the ballerina.

Olga Obuhovsky is very upset by an event and promised that unikalnyjspektakl the Jump in freedom all - taki will show. Vkachestve a bonus after performance Vatslavnizhinsky with Faruhom Ruzimatovym and Sergey Bekhterev who will pass on May, 30th in Variety theatre of A.I.Raikin.


Anastasia Volochkova Anton Atrashkin`s Director:

- Yes, we have refused from - zareklamy which has been submitted so, as if at Nasti there a leading role. And onavyjdet on a scene of all - that minutes on six! Having seen this advertising, ejpozvonila mum also has asked: At you that, solnyjkontsert?! We cannot deceive admirers of Nasti, kotoryepridut on it. And will swear then in its address and to consider that onaza this short performance has broken cash desk . And neschitajte promoters such naive. They wanted a name of Nasti prikrytsvoj performance, and such advertising by us has not been countenanced. To us predlozhiliuvelichennyj the fee, but it does not change business. We consider that in etomsluchae to return to the people who have bought tickets money more fairly.