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82 dalmatians for «

Readers «» have won an entertainment for the house pupils

competition « Has come to the end; 82 dalmatians » which bylpriurochen to birthday «
on May, 24th to us 82 years   are executed; - from here and 82 dalmatians who to us were to be received from you as a present.

for participation in competition it was necessary to collect on pages «» images of 82 puppies of dalmatians and to send vredaktsiju. Victory prisuzhdalasavtoram the first 10 letters. Some readers did not become dozhidatsjaokonchanija to the publication of images of doggies, and at once have bought neskolkoodinakovyh issues, cut out competitive coupons and have sent to us.

so, winners of a steel: NadezhdaTeleganova, Inna Volkova, Tamara Baranova, Elena Fissan, Yana Mazurkina, Nadezhda Varman, Vladimir Porohov, Hope of Vashchenko, Nastja Lebedev, Sergey Krasnov.

Dear friends, on May, 22nd, at 17 o`clock we will hand over you prizes - a forage dljadomashnih animals « pronatjur ». We wait for you on адресу:Санкт - Petersburg, Apraksin of the lane, 2, 3 - j a floor. If there are questions, zvonitev edition on bodies. (812 570 - 27 - 24.