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CHontofalski will play with the Ruby

Despite a lung sotrjaseniemozga the goalkeeper leaves in the field on Sunday

On Thursday on training during bilateral game of Kamilu Chontofalskiprilichno has got. The ball has unsuccessfully got to the Slovak directly to a head. It has appeared that blows at zenitovtsev such mad force that vratarpoluchil an easy brain concussion. Naturally, there were doubts vuchastii Chontofalski in a Sunday match against the outsider chempionatarossii - Kazan the Ruby . And if to consider, chtomalafeev passes this match from - for disqualification, kartinapoluchalas absolutely sad: in gate it should to put tretegovratarja commands - Michael Kerzhakova (younger brother AleksandraKerzhakova). It still never left in the field basically sostavebelo - blue.

however how Kerzhakov - younger on trainings worked, bylovidno that it very much would like to debut on Petrovsky .

On Friday of fear concerning Chontofalski, apparently, : trained away from the command and did not stand in to a framework when there were shoots for goal. But glavnyjtrener Zenith Dik the Lawyer has calmed journalists:

- Yesterday to it the ball indeed has very strongly got to a head. But today uzhevse it is normal. He will play Sunday.