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In Northern capital have appeared “ happiness avenues “

But the idea there and then stalakommercheskoj

In Petersburg has appeared new tradition. Some days ago on ulitsevernosti the first has opened “ happiness avenue “. It is considered that the one who will plant a tree there, it is indispensable obzavedetsjakrepkoj and a happy family. The beginning is already necessary, so business zamalym. The authorities have supported completely idea - undertaking carries brightly vyrazhennyjpozitivnyj character, besides also the problem ozelenenijagoroda at the same time dares. It is planned that such avenues will appear in each area, and videale - at each registry office.

the initiative has appeared infectious: creation of own avenues undertook ikommercheskie the organisations. On Thursday on Krestovsky island sostojalosotkrytie one of them.

- We represent the “ happiness avenue “ - one of organizers Julia Loginov has told. - with its help we hotimsdelat the city is more joyful. Absolutely new form of gifts is entered. Now townspeople should not puzzle over a gift for dorogogocheloveka.

On this avenue the Petersburger can immortalise in a granite ljuboeznamenatelnoe event in lives, names of relatives, and also recognitions vljubvi. In the world many similar projects, but, as a rule, to takimpochestjam receive access only movie stars. Now any interested person if unego there is a sufficient sum of money, can leave in the history the name. In total it is planned to create not less than five hundred plates.

this modest surprise nedeshevo will cost: 6 thousand roubles pridetsjavylozhit for a plate in the size of 42 square centimetres with beaten out on nejnadpisju. The cost price of similar plates several times more low: nearby 300πσαλει for a stone and approximately 30 roubles for each letter of an inscription. The rest - net profit of organizers of avenue. Unless otvergnutyjuhazher can revenge then to the heartless girl, having trampled on eeimeni.

- To tell the truth, I love all live, - chief Upravlenijasadovo - a park economy of Petersburg Herman Viharev admitted. - the Thought that on my name extraneous people will go, does not impress me. Ktomu I do not represent, as it is possible to present such gift blizkomucheloveku. Where it is better to create avenues from trees and bushes. It netolko brings pleasure, but also helps our favourite city.