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Petersburg deputies have allowed to trade in beer at schools

And at theatre-goers will select champagne

Soon in Petersburg again there can be beer stalls near to schools, kindergartens, hospitals and churches: city parliament in the first chteniiotmenil an interdiction for trade in alcohol in 50 - a metre zone around etihuchrezhdeny. However, it has been made not at will Petersburg депутатов:им it was necessary to bring the local legislation into accord sfederalnym where the similar norm as is abolished one and a half year.

now drinks with the maintenance of spirit less than 15 percent are possible budetprodavat in any street. Restrictions will concern only strong алкоголя:его on - former will not buy near to places of a mass congestion of people iistochnikov the raised danger. Stations, the airports have got to this list, metro stations, military facilities.

- In this question the federal legislator has shown, in my opinion, certain liberalism, - speaker ZakSa Vadim of TULIPS considers.

however, having given full freedom to street trade in beer, federal deputatyurezali its sale in premises. Under an interdiction nurseries and educational institutions, transport and culture establishments have got, certainly. So ostavshem at many traditional a champagne glass in an interval spektakljamariinki or a drink cognac in philharmonic society buffet can forget.

- inclusion in the list of objects where alcohol sale is forbidden, vsehvidov public transport, fizkulturno - improving isportivnyh constructions I consider as an important element of care of the state obezopasnosti and health of citizens, - have brightened up disappointment from izlishnejliberalizatsii trade of Tulips. <