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Group “ Silver “:อเ “ the Eurovision “ we felt sex - minority

“ “ the Direct line “ with ours uchastnitsamiglavnogo song competition of the Old World

Little girls have arrived surprisingly modestly. You of a six-metre limousine, neither a company of the Kremlin battalion, nor bright feathers on clothes. Olja, Marinai Lena cheerfully laughed and fascinated smiles. However, and without a pomp “ our silver “ behaved brightly. And on voprosychitatelej responded cheerfully.

- my name is Guzel Shafikova, me 21 year, I from Sterlitamak.

is Lena Temnikova.

- Lenochka, I congratulate vsjuvashu group on victory. Now all of you on glory peak, at you very well, concerts. And when you want to prosecute home life subjects? Zavestisemju, children?

- I Think that is not fast. Because now all forces are taken away by work. Imne it is pleasant. I so long to it went, fairly to you I will tell, I ochenrada that all so. And we are still young, a family and detejuspeem to get. I dreamt to sing since the childhood, I want to work in a high nastsene. Thanks you for a call. At you such pleasant voice, to you it is necessary to sing.

- Good afternoon, it is Sasha. Vysestry or girlfriends?

- I Lena Temnikova. Girlfriends, and unless we are similar?

- when long in odnomkollektive work, people become similar. As the owner of a dog isobaka, for example.

- thanks.

- hello, I Nikolay. I congratulate you on success on “ the Eurovision “. You sebjana “ the Eurovision “ sex - minority did not feel?

- Me Olja call. You know, yes. In this respect we sometimes chuvstvovalisebja strangers on this feast of life.

- and the Serbian winner? It truth stuck to you?

- From its party there was a small attempt. To whom? It especially did not allocate, but to Lena on an ear has loudly shouted something. Invited her to itself in number.

- it was heavy to you there.

- Actually it was cheerful, and it was pleasant to all of us.

- Natalia, the city of Moscow. It would be desirable to congratulate you on victory and to wish the further successes. It is possible to learn about your private life? Your hearts are occupied or you while vpoiske?

- Our hearts are not occupied, and we are free. Now us very much silnozahvatila work. Very much it would be desirable to write down new songs, to act. Alichnaja life will wait hardly - hardly.

- If you dare ustraivatsvoju private life, your elect will be from show - business? Ilikategoricheski is not present?

is depends on the person.

- and any plans further - an album plan to write down?

- Certainly. We will write in the nearest future our album iobjazatelno we will go on all cities.

- my name is Alena, I from Moscow.

is Olja.

- At you on “ the Eurovision “ very strict school dresses. And kakvy like to put on in life?

- All of us three very much love black colour. Yes on - to a miscellaneous - depends otnastroenija. We love dresses, we can put on on - sports. All ponastroeniju.

- thanks.

- Good-bye.

- Yaroslav from Moscow.

is Olja.

- And there is at you a boy friend?

- Is not present.

- And how with you mozhnopoznakomitsja? Where you hang out?

- While we do not hang out anywhere, because very much a busy schedule now. Kogdau us there will be any performance, will write down an album, I invite you knam to a concert. We it is obligatory with you there we will get acquainted.

- I will wait!

- Ira, Moscow. Hello, Marina. I read that you after that even have burst into tears, when vernulisv a make-up room.

- I Have burst into tears in other occasion. Simply it is very strong ushibla a foot. An ab the finding moment on a scene of fear any and in pomine was not.

- me Julja call. However, that vvashej to a make-up room was state of emergency?

- Yes, it is valid so.

- And till now it is not known, ktoeto has made?

- I think, the one who has made it, and counted that it will beat out us izkolei. But it even has made laugh us a little bit: what diligence ljudiprikladyvajut that we have worse acted. We did not find out, ktoeto. Also it is uninteresting.

- and what the most unexpected bylodlja you?

- Probably, victory of the Serbian girl.

- And what Andrey Danilkookazalsja on the second place?

It is quite explainable. At Danilko was very effective travesti - number which was very much remembered to all people of nonconventional orientation. In Evropeih it is a lot of, and they have supported it. Because really number unego was in this respect cheerful.

- thanks huge.