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Women - voditelitormoznut men

In such a way avtomobilistkihotjat to achieve respect

Namanikjurennye of the motorist have intended to declare loudly about svoihpravah on road. In the near future the group of women gathers ustroitna streets of Petersburg the indicative action. By the cars oninarochito will slowly drive on highways of a city a dense column, nepozvoljaja to drivers - to men them to overtake.

- we, of course, love men, - one of instigators, the president of fund " tries to justify; Women and a policy RaisaMordvinova. - But how they behave on road, it is simply awful. Having caught sight of the woman at the wheel, try to overtake it, twist a finger at a temple, and in the companies tell insulting jokes about us.

two ten cars with a speed of 30 km/ ch will go on streets where muzhchinychashche all exceed speed of movement. Behind on cars uchastnitsyvyvesjat a banner: To men not a place on roads .

- Our action should show to men that eslizhenshchiny will unite, they can create not less sereznyeproblemy, than what create men to women at the wheel, - explain active workers.

However, motorists - feminists have a problem: it is necessary for them poluchitrazreshenie traffic police. And it is uneasy: in - the first, the majority dorozhnyhinspektorov men, and female whims they hardly will understand, in - the second, vgai treat badly all actions which limit movement vgorode.

In the meantime the idea of active workers was not pleasant to many Petersburgers.

- road - not a place for finding-out of relations, and drivers neklassifitsirujutsja to a sexual sign, - consider members of one izpiterskih clubs, organising female automobile races. - similar meramivozdejstvija on drivers - boors we assimilate to them and provotsiruemdalnejshee situation deterioration.

the CALL To traffic police

- Most likely, anything at motorists does not leave, - have informed vpress - service of Petersburg traffic police. - deliberate restriction skorostidvizhenija without the special permission is illegal. Besides, if aktsijabudet to be spent in the afternoon, women will simply get to a stopper.