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In school libraries library funds

New textbooks so and uchebno - the methodical literature will appear to   on September, 1st   in educational institutions of Murmansk area. The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia has confirmed federal lists of the textbooks recommended and admitted to studying at usual and correctional schools in 2012 - 2013 educational year. So, time has come to buy books.

we Will explain, means for acquisition of educational funds of libraries of educational institutions are annually provided in the regional budget as a part of expenses on the educational purposes. This year the financing specification on   these purposes   depending on type, a kind of educational institution and its site makes from 2145 roubles to 5847 roubles. Schools independently define the volume of the means necessary for replacement of worn out fund and acquisition of the missing educational literature.

- Now at area schools the spadework on acquisition of educational funds of libraries is spent, monitoring of the prices is carried out, orders are formed, - inform in the Ministry of Education and Science of Murmansk area.

As well as in former years, special attention at distribution of textbooks at schools it will be given to children from needy families.