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Head Gorodtsa has illegally written out to itself of awards almost on 64 thousand roubles

Well to be the mayor - it is possible for itself to write out awards and other bonuses. As it has made head Gorodtsa, and it did not have for this purpose lawful bases. Infringement has revealed   Gorodetsky city Office of Public Prosecutor during the spent check.

- As it is established by check, Tatyana Losev - head Gorodtsa on a changeable basis - during 2011 godpa has published 5 orders about payment to of awards for a total sum 63 956 rbl. 50 kop, - inform in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. - thus the law of the Nizhniy Novgorod region provides awarding possibility only the persons replacing municipal posts on a constant basis. Payment of awards to the mayor has not been provided also by the charter of Gorodtsa. Thus, purpose and payment to of awards have been made by Losevoj with current legislation infringement.

the Office of Public Prosecutor has demanded from the official to return in the local budget award unreasonably paid to it.