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Is brought to the Norwegian terrorist Anders Bering Brejviku accusation

For fulfilment with Norway a double act of terrorism Anders Bering Brejvik can is denounced on 21 - summer imprisonment. Under the Norwegian laws, the maintenance of the criminal in prison can last as much as long if its exit on freedom is considered dangerous to a society. In case of a recognition of Brejvika deranged, it will be placed in psychiatric clinic of the closed type.

Public prosecutors of Inga Bejer Eng and Svejn Holden have sounded on Wednesday, on March, 7th, charge to the murderer which it is necessary to prove in court. The charge text contains 19 pages. As has established a consequence, from 69 shot on island Utoja 34 were teenagers from 14 till 17 years. Public prosecutors especially underline that Anders Brejvika`s actions had for an object to spike fear into wide social classes .

the Policeman who has read Brejviku charge in Silt prison, has noted calmness of the accused. Anders Brejvik is upset by that can sentence it to compulsory psychiatric treatment. As he considers itself(himself) capable wants that to it have appointed imprisonment — lawyer Gejra Lippestad in interview to the Norwegian TV channel NRK has declared.

the Court over the murderer will begin on April, 16th without dependence from, a leah it will be recognised by made by the psychiatric examination second for the bill. The first examination has established that Brejvik is the insane person, informs Russian portal of Norway.