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On a line Yaroslavl - Kostroma have to death brought down the girl - putanu

Yesterday, on March, 13th, about 23 hours on a highway Yaroslavl - Kostroma in Nekrasovsky area, near to village Levashovo, there was a tragical road accident. Was lost young 26 - the summer woman.

Under the preliminary version, the girl earned on a line, rendering sexual services to drivers. Possibly, someone has landed it and has left in two kilometres from settlement. It having appeared in absolutely deserted place, it began to stop the next car.

the Driver of the car « Ford transit » going towards Kostroma, has noticed the girl voting in the middle road, too late. It was not possible to avoid arrival. Suffered with serious traumas have taken to hospital, where she has died after a while.

Now on this incident check is spent, a number of examinations is appointed. While GAI officers tend to opinion that there was an accident, the girl herself is guilty, has jumped out on dark road before close going transport. There is also an information that the lost inhabitant of Kostroma, was repeatedly involved in a criminal liability and was sudima. Investigation proceeds.