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In Murmansk area of rescuers will check up on durability

the North of the weak does not love, here either show character or do not ache. Therefore in our severe land military men go often to spend steel training. For example, now near Monchegorsk, doctrines of aviation rescuers have begun. On a visit, which actually have appeared work, have arrived more than 100 representatives from the Western military district from the Course to Voronezh.

Three weeks they will comprehend the theory and practice. First of all, how operatively to find the vessel which has suffered affliction, at any time, to render the first medical aid by the victim and to lift them aboard the helicopter, while that zavis on a place.

- After theoretical preparation participants of gathering will train in desantirovanii on a scene in the parachute and landing way, liquidations of fires, opening of hatches and lanterns of cabins, extraction of victims from aircrafts, rendering of the first medical aid by it and evacuations by various ways and also to perfect the skills of a survival in the conditions of the Polar region, - informs a press - service of the Western military district.

the admission to salvage operations becomes the Result of such check of character and force. And they spend them, at times, not only in the north, but also in the south, the east and the country West.