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In Voronezh three malefactors have plundered cellular communication salon

One of these days the policeman it was possible to detain three men who suspect of that in a robbery of salon of cellular communication. Ulovom predators of a steel of 53 thousand roubles and 15 mobile phones.

to Leave on one of malefactors it was possible after policemen have interrogated employees of the plundered pavilion.

- One young man who has worked couple of months, at the moment of poll strongly was nervous and was confused in events of that evening. Suspicions of field investigators were supported with that fact that it already was earlier we judge for armed assault, - have informed in GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs across the Voronezh region. - having spent a number operatively - search actions, policemen have established that that evening robbers was three, among them and that employee of salon. Two robbers have detained simultaneously in different disctricts of the city, a site of the third now establish.

20 - summer arrested persons have appeared inhabitants of Voronezh. They have told that together opened the safe and put money and phones in pockets, the third during this moment was in the street, watched, when there will be police officers in due time to warn the podelnikov. The search has been conducted In apartment of one of arrested persons and 13 stolen mobile phones are revealed, remained two are at the third podelnika. Young men had time to spend all money.