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In Belgorod will open the Center of cellular technologies

next year in Belgorod at regional clinical hospital will open the Center of cellular technologies. This establishment in which will study, develop and use in practice of technology of biopreparation, bioengineering, biopharmacy and cellular therapy. Its experts can render on 1200 services.  

Local authorities and physicians lay hopes on it. Thanks to Center work in area it will be possible to reduce to four with superfluous percent death rate from oncological, serdechnososudistyh diseases, illnesses of joints, consequences of traumas and burns and as on five with superfluous percent to lower invalidizatsiju.

- the Centers of such level in Russia while are not present. For work of similar establishments the good legislative base is necessary. Now, when in America the interdiction for work with deckman cages is removed, - Vladimir the Kulikovsky head physician   has noted ; The Belgorod regional clinical hospital of Prelate Ioasafa . - In Russia the bill on biomedical technologies now is developed. Now the similar specialised centres work by a principle: that is not forbidden, it is authorised. So, the Center of cellular technologies in Samara receives deckman cages from an umbilical cord and stores them if they will be necessary. Work is financed from the regional budget. It is necessary, that in the law it has been accurately registered, what services are paid by Fund of obligatory medical insurance, and what – the patient.

For Center creation will allocate 60 million roubles from the regional budget. 170 more will give out on credit. The establishment will pay back itself approximately in ten years.