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Putin condoles in connection with  destruction of Belgian children in road accident in Switzerland

the Head of the government of Russia Vladimir Putin has directed the telegramme with condolences of premieres - to the minister of Belgium to Elio of Dee to Rupo in connection with accident of the bus with the Belgian schoolboys, occurred the day before in Switzerland.

In the telegramme it is told: “ On behalf of the government of the Russian Federation and from myself personally I present deep condolences in connection with  destruction of the big group of the Belgian schoolboys and other citizens of your country in accident in the Swiss canton the Shaft. This tragedy can leave nobody indifferent “ informs a press - government service.

“ We grieve together with those who has lost the family, and we hope for an absolute recovery of all victims “ - it is marked in Putin`s telegramme.

Before the condolence the president of the country Dmitry Medvedev has expressed.

in the evening on Tuesday, on March, 13th, the bus with children went from Switzerland to Belgium. It was one of three buses, on which kiddies, pupils of various elementary schools, came back from week mountain-skiing vacation in the Alpes. They were at the very beginning of a way from southern Swiss canton the Shaft when there was a tragedy.

Having driven 2 kilometres on a tunnel, the bus, sharply having wagged, has jumped aside from one of its sides and on full speed ran into a wall « a security pocket » (expansion of tunnels for a parking in emergency situations — Red.). As a result of front blow of 28 persons were lost and 24 have got wounds. Among victims 22 - children, which middle age of 12 years.

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were lost