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Rescuers of Komi till the end of March will be on duty in subpolar Ural Mountains, protecting tourists from avalanches

  That the tourists loving mountain campaigns, have not suffered in lavinoopasnyj the period,

rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Komi have sent the help to the Pechora branch of national park JUgyd va . Now in installation of time shelters on parking of tourists temporary saving fast where there are employees of group " is exposed; HAS rescued as a part of 4 - h the person (the senior of group – the rescuer from Pechora and 3 rescuers from Ukhta) They round the clock are on duty in Subpolar Ural Mountains around a mount the Sabre, a shelter Aranetsky .

Into their duties enters to force down avalanches, to lay new tracks that tourists have not got to snow blockages. At themselves they have all kinds of communications mediums and a snowmobile.

According to Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on Komi, round-the-clock watches will last till March, 31st but if the winter decides to remain longer rescuers will continue the work.

Now on control the Ministry of Emergency Measures have 8 tourist groups.