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Struggle for city fast - the manager of Tver was left by four applicants

Today, on March, 14th, in the Tver municipal duma has passed session of the competitive commission on elections of the head of administration of a city. A leah committee-men looked all from 16 candidates declared on competition correspond to qualifying requirements.

It has appeared, what not all. As has informed «» the chairman of the competitive commission Sergey Aksenov, four applicants are eliminated. There do not correspond to qualifying requirements four: the head of the commercial enterprise Vladimir Borisov , the head of the commercial enterprise Alexander Krjuchkov , were zamglavy city administration, in stay - the head of garment factory Sergey Lavrov , the former deputy director of Open Society « Athanasius - beer » nowadays the director on manufacture of cardboard products Sergey Ustinov .
Struggle for high fast will be continued by 12 applicants:

Igor Serdjuk, eks - the chairman of the Tver municipal duma, the head of the company « Ratmir »;

Yury Serkovsky   the former assistant to the governor of the Tver region;

Alexey Arsenyev, eks - head of the Central disctrict of the city of Tver;

Valery Matytsin, the first chairman of the Tver municipal duma;

Andrey Filippov, the former official of administration of the region;

Valery Pavlov, and. An island of the head of administration of Tver;

Vladimir Komissarov, the former head of administration of Nelidovsky area, and later the chief of department housing - a municipal and gas economy of the Tver region;

Sergey Spiridonov, the former deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Tver region;

Oleg Shatalov, the head of administration of the city of Konakovo;

Valery Novikov, the deputy director of business concern;

Olga Spazheva, the deputy chief of Department of management of property and ground resources of Tver;

Boris Chervjakov, the head financially - an economic board of Legislative Assembly of the Tver region.

At following session which will take place within the next few days, the competitive commission will define estimation methodology konkursantov. Final session will take place on March, 22nd following the results of which to a thought two most advantageous candidates will be submitted for approval.