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The constitutional court in three-day term will make the decision on a recognition valid of presidential election to Moldova

On it the chairman of the Central election committee Yury Chokan has informed.

Today by 62 voices of deputies Nikolay Timofti has been elected on fast of the president of Moldova. It was supported by members of parliament from the parties which are a part of an alliance « For the European integration » and deputies - socialists. Timofti has been selected after six unsuccessful attempts of elections of the head of the state. Since September, 11th, 2009, after resignation eks - president Vladimir Voronina, over Republic Moldova temporarily fulfilling duties of the president supervised.

Nikolay Timofti was born on December, 22nd, 1948 in village Chutuleshty of Floreshtsky area. In 1990 it became the vice-president of the Sovereign court and the chairman of Board on criminal cases. Since 1996 the post of the chairman of Association of judges of Republic Moldova holds. It is awarded the order « Gloria Muncii » and an honorary title « Om Emerit ».