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The next Minister of Health of Bulgaria has left the growth

About possible resignation of the Minister of Health it became known one week ago when the prime minister - Bojko Boris`s minister has given to it some days on overcoming of the burst scandal with the high prices for medicines in the country. Borisov has acted with public criticism of Konstantinova, accusing him that it has not checked state purchase of medicines expenses on which on and not found out reason in 2011 have considerably grown in comparison with 2010.

From comments of the prime minister of Borisov it became clear that for short time of abiding for fast, the Minister of Health has entered contradictions with National cash desk of medical insurance, whose head has been recently replaced, with the assistants one of which, responsible for a medicinal policy, too has been dismissed, and also had a number of contradictions with parliamentary group of party in power.

it is obvious, it not all reasons. Konstantin is the third Minister of Health under the bill in this government which leaves the fast. The prime minister - Bojko Boris`s minister realises that reform in sector goes the slowed down rates and consequently has chosen the assistant to the politician from „ heavy artillery ” from party in power - Desislavu Atanasovu who till this moment held fast of the chairman of the Commission on public health services.