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In streets of Bryansk have hung up banners with the information about gone 9 - the monthly girl

  on March, 16th in Volodarsky area of Bryansk there was a banner with the information about stolen 9 - monthly Ane Shkaptsovoj. The poster is on crossing of streets of Nikitin and Pushkin, near to Bryansk regional theatre of dolls. The city administration does not exclude possibility of occurrence of similar banners and in other areas of Bryansk.

As head goradministratsii Sergey Smirnov has explained, the taken measures are converted, first of all, to automobile owners. Many of them now have video registrars and, probably, have data on the happened state of emergency.   the placed banner, drawing attention of townsmen, can promote considerably in search of Ani. Besides, under the offer of the head of city administration on the big liquid crystal screens located in territory of some the gas station, the roller about gone 9 - the monthly girl will be broadcast.

In public transport of Bryansk leaflets with the information on gone Ane Shkaptsovoj are already placed. As informs a press - service of Bryansk city administration, since Wednesday on March, 14th day on the light-emitting diode screen on the area the Guerrilla turns the roller devoted to the gone girl. All Bryansk printing houses free of charge print leaflets with signs of the child. Orientations also have appeared on publicity boards and electronic boards.

- Printing houses have free of charge printed for 2 thousand leaflets, - has told «» the co-ordinator of search group « Liza Alert » Maxim. – and advertising agencies also have free of charge made banners with orientations of the child and have placed them on boards and electronic boards. The part of leaflets will appear in trolley buses and minibuses, including suburban. Today we have passed orientations in the Russian Railway that chiefs of stations have stuck them at station.

Maxim has told that now searchers comb a city street behind street – stick orientations and talk to people.

- In the basic our work information, - Maxim speaks. – we ask local residents to inform that seemed to them suspicious, namely: people who did not have children, suddenly began to be interested how to be converted with the child, began to buy diapers. We pass the received information to policemen. Many people even houses on the personal technics unpack leaflets and them stick.

By the way, Liza Alert needs volunteers. If you want to take part in searches of the gone girl, call:   89208599259

In the meantime, telecommunications operators were connected to searches of the child. To townsmen already come sms - messages with the request to help with search of Ani.

- To us it was converted UMVD and has asked to assist, - have told korrespondertu «» at office of one of the cellular companies.

we Will remind, on March, 11th nearby 17. 30 near pet-shop nine-monthly girl Anja who was in a baby carriage was gone in the house 33 along the street Pushkin in Volodarsky area of Bryansk. The child has been dressed in pink overalls and a white hat. About 9 evenings in Sunday 45 along the street policemen have found Pushkin in an entrance of the house   an empty carriage which has identified 19 - summer mum of the gone girl Svetlana. More in detail > > >


In streets of Bryansk have hung up banners with the information about gone 9 - the monthly girl
the Photo: a press - service goradministratsii.