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Luchano Spalletti: In our command are collected on - chelovecheski the big people

Convincing victory over Moscow « the Dynamo » - 5:1 has even more increased chances zenitovtsev again to rise on the top step of a podium. And here dinamovtsy after this failure have actually left struggle for gold medals.

  Yes, the result of a yesterday`s match in Himkah pleases the Petersburg fans. But it is not less, if no more we are pleased with that game, which in a duel with « the Dynamo » have shown zenitovtsy. Our fellow countrymen operating with   an enormous spirit, in all respects surpassed completely not weak rival. After all before this tour dinamovtsy occupied the third line in standings.

Yes, it is possible to say that is white - blue for any reasons were not completely ready to this meeting. With the big errors defenders « operated; the Dynamo ». The it is far not the best match   the goalkeeper has spent the Novel Berezovsky. Probably, trainers of the Moscow club who have, seemingly, allowed to the wards instructions to play with a possessing powerful attack « were not right also; Zenith » in open football.   but all it at all does not belittle success of the Petersburg club.

- last days to our command critical remarks more often sounded, - the known player in the past and the trainer « speaks; Zenith » the master of sports Vadim Hrapovitsky. – it was written and said that football players have got to a functional hole that « Zenith » badly plays foreign fields. But especially zenitovtsam has got for a match on the home field against Krasnodar « Kuban ».

But pay attention: in the first of March at « Zenith » there was very intense schedule. Football players were tired, and after defeat from « the Benfika » Have been psychologically cracked. Therefore also could not prevail against very competently protected « Kuban ». But it was necessary zenitovtsam to have a rest a little, and in a meeting with « the Dynamo » we have seen absolutely another « Zenith » - is more correct, what have already got used to see.

For a yesterday`s duel of kind words all our football players merit almost: among them and twice amazed gate « the Dynamo » Alexander Kerzhakov, and the opened bill to the goals for « Zenith » Domeniko Krishito,   and that pleasant unexpectedness, Sabolch Husti. This halfback who has left on replacement who infrequently appears in the field, at first has made a goal pass Kerzhakovu, and then and itself   has hammered   a beautiful goal from the penal. « at us the command with huge character in which are collected on - chelovecheski the big people.   they have shown today it once again » - did not constrain emotions on poslematchevoj a press - conferences the trainer « Zenith » Luchano Spalletti.

But more all fans, of course,   watched   for Andrey Arshavina. And it must be said that yesterday Andrey looked much better, than in matches against CSKA and « Kuban ». It some times aggravated game, after its transfer Sergey Semak the third time has amazed gate « Kuban ». It seems that the well-known football player starts to type the form.

By the way, the curious fact. Luchano Spaletti who has warned Arshavina that in « Zenith » it cannot leave on old merits,   has developed for it the special plan of trainings. This plan is directed on increase of explosive speed and endurance of the halfback. Andrey remains now after trainings and is engaged in an individual order. So, probably, already very soon we will see « old » Arshavina.