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The US State department shares Clooney`s position across Sudan

On US State department divide George Clooney`s trouble concerning a situation in Sudan. It was declared the official representative of State department by Victoria Nuland, responding to the request to comment on participation of the actor in meeting after which it has appeared in a police station.

« I do not have comments except that it had on this right as the citizen. And I think, we adhere to one position with it, as   the special representative of the state secretary across Sudan together with Clooney has taken part in hearings on a Sudanese problem in the senate. We absolutely divide concern violence occurring in the country - mister Clooney met yesterday the state secretary and the US president » - gives of its word of RIA Novosti news agency.

we Will remind, on Friday at embassy has passed meeting against a policy of the president of Sudan of the Lobster al - Bashira whom active workers of the action accused that it supports humanitarian crisis in the country recently divided into two states - Southern Sudan and actually Sudan. According to the experts, during the long-term conflict between black christians and Arabs - Moslems in Sudan it has been killed to one million christians.

George Clooney, his father and some congressmen, taking part in meeting, have been arrested after they have ignored three preventions of the police calling demonstrators not to cross of an obstacle at embassy. approximately in an hour of the actor have set free , having fined it for disobedience to guards for 100 dollars.

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